Staff Satisfaction at Richmond Nursing

Staff satisfaction puts Richmond Nursing ‘head and shoulders’ in front!

There are many benefits to joining Richmond Nursing, including leading rates of pay and notice of up to eight weeks for shifts. But don’t just take our word for it! We asked our nurses how we rate as an agency and here’s what some of them say:

Mark Thomas, 53, lives in Llanelli and has worked with us for four years, in addition to his full time NHS role at Prince Philip Hospital. Mark, who began his nursing career in 1990, specialises in medicine and has also worked in critical care and plastic trauma.

“I was attracted to the flexibility of the hours and the reputation Richmond has,” says Mark, who works with us for up to 40 hours per month. “I had worked with (Richmond founders) Adrian and Tony many years ago and knew a lot of people working for them, which was the main magnet. The agency is very supportive and makes sure everyone is up to date with training and qualifications. It’s part of my job anyway but they are very hot on it, and that’s important.

Mark joined another agency 16 years ago but, in his words, Richmond is ‘head and shoulders’ above the others. “They are very good employers,” he says. “I have recommended one or two nurses to them and it works both ways; I would only refer excellent nurses as Richmond only employs the best.”

Acute nurse Patti Buada, 66, has worked for Richmond since 2007. Originally from San Francisco, she has lived in Wales for 36 years, settling in Carmarthenshire. Patti says: “I met a Richmond nurse and was interested in the idea of being able to choose where to work and to play to my strengths, as I live a long way from the nearest acute hospital. At one stage in the early days I was working with two agencies, but the other was not a patch on Richmond.

“Richmond is very supportive when something is worrying you or when something goes wrong, such as your car breaking down on the way to work! I’ve always been able to talk to someone there. I used to do more hours than I do now, usually three to four days a week, but now some weeks I work and some I don’t. I go away for the winter and return in April, and the flexibility suits my lifestyle.

“Even before Richmond started the refer a friend scheme, I recommended them, including to a friend I used to work with in Aberystwyth. The office team is very helpful and it’s easy to book shifts their system is much better than other agencies’. Everything is kept up to date and is very efficient.”

To join Richmond Nursing, you must be a qualified RGN with at least 12 months’ experience in your field and have a valid NMC pin number. To find out more, click on the ‘Register today’ button or call us on 01554 756148.

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