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Richmond Nursing Agency launches the Nurse Ambassador program

Help Develop Our Services – Connecting Nurses with Nurses

As a registered Richmond Agency Nurse, you are a vital piece of our health-care puzzle. A frontline worker that Health Boards in Wales can depend on in times of need. Every day, you connect with your patients and clients; it’s what makes nursing special, rewarding.

Having worked for Richmond Nursing Agency you understand what makes Richmond different from the rest. Now, give something back to yourself and to your profession: help us develop and redesign our services; connect with your colleagues and future Richmond Nurses, who you feel might benefit from working agency shifts through one of the leading nursing agencies in Wales.

Richmond Nursing Agency Nurse Ambassador Program is all about your ideas, your viewpoints, and your connections – strengthening connections with your nursing colleagues in your workplace, whilst helping to redesign, contribute, and develop Richmond’s current and future service offering to its nurses.

Richmond Nursing Agency is looking for Nurse Ambassadors

What is the Nurse Ambassador program?

The Richmond Nurse Ambassador Program is a volunteer program consisting of nurses across south Wales who would be willing to provide help to redesign, contribute, and develop Richmond’s current and future service offering to its nurses; understand, promote, and support Richmond Nurses within their workplace; whilst also cultivating potential new agency nurses on the benefits of working through Richmond Nursing Agency.

Key Nurse Ambassador responsibilities will be:

  • To develop and help Richmond Nursing Agency in its future offering to its nurses, and be an integral part in key topics/decisions
  • To provide Richmond Nursing Agency with ongoing feedback about relevant issues
  • To nurture a progressive attitude toward the profession of ‘Agency Nurses’ through networking with other health professionals in their organisations and informing them of the program
  • To seek, create, and coordinate opportunities to promote Richmond Nursing Agency as an agency of choice whilst working their own Richmond Shifts

In support of this Richmond Nursing will offer:

  • Quarterly Ambassador events designed to update, educate and support you
  • Recognised status within Richmond Nursing Agency
  • Opportunities to help mould and develop our services

If you are interested in being a ‘Richmond Nurse Ambassador’ please contact us as soon as possible for further information and to reserve your place on our first ‘Ambassador Event’.

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