Nurse Ambassador

Richmond Nursing’s First Nurse Ambassador Meeting

We hosted our first Nurse Ambassador meeting on Thursday 24th May 2018.

The Richmond Nurse Ambassador Program is a volunteer program consisting of nurses across South Wales who would be willing to provide help to redesign, contribute, and develop Richmond’s current and future service offering to its nurses. As well as understand, promote, and support Richmond Nurses within their workplace.

Richmond are pleased to announce the following Nurses as Richmond Nurse Ambassadors:

  • Alison Bassett
  • Patti Buada
  • Jayne Williams
  • Roxanne Wilkins

Please look out for these nurses on the wards who will be more than willing to help and advise you.

Key discussion topics on the day were:

  • Training Courses
  • PAYE/Umbrella options, and
  • the New Nurse Uniforms.

Feedback from the discussion group was valuable in developing and improving our service
offering to Richmond Nurses.

If you are interested in being a Richmond Nurse Ambassador please contact us as soon as possible for further information and to reserve your place on our next Ambassador Event in September.

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