RCN calls for suicide prevention training for nurses on World Mental Health Day

Nursing staff play an important part in helping to prevent suicide; improving education and awareness is vital to save lives, says the RCN.

As the first ever global mental health summit took place in London on 10th October 2018, the government announced that Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price has been appointed as the first minister for suicide prevention.

The RCN welcomes this announcement but also wants to highlight the continued importance of addressing suicide prevention training for health care professionals, an issue which was debated and passed for resolution at RCN Congress earlier this year.

Only a third of people who took their own life in the UK last year were known to mental health services. However many of the other two-thirds will have come into contact with health professionals, meaning there is an opportunity for nursing staff to try and help prevent suicides.

However, a previous survey by the RCN found that half of nurses hadn’t received any training in suicide prevention or awareness since starting work, while 60% hadn’t received any as part of their nursing degree.


Read the full article on the RCN website.

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