Hard-hitting issues set to be debated at RCN Congress

Hard-hitting issues set to be debated at RCN congress

Prostitution, child poverty and loneliness are among the hard-hitting issues set to be debated at this year’s RCN congress.

Members attending this year’s RCN Congress in Liverpool will vote on a number of important resolutions that will look to improve health and life chances for many vulnerable people.

The resolutions proposed include lobbying governments across the UK to decriminalise prostitution, end period poverty and invest resources to deal with rising child poverty.

Reducing sepsis, loneliness, and the abuse of nitrous oxide will also be debated during this year’s conference.

A number of workplace issues will be discussed too. Bullying, the role of the NHS Staff Council in delivering fair and adequate pay, and clinical supervision arrangements for registered nurses are all on this year’s agenda.


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