International Nurses’ Day

Nurses’ Day invitation to cheer Florence’s vision

Calling all Richmond nurses – it’s time to celebrate good times! Sunday is International Nurses’ Day and members of our team are looking forward to marking the occasion as they join in the UK’s Biggest Nursing Party!

International Nurses’ Day takes place every year on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. This Sunday, members of the Royal College of Nursing will be holding workplace parties to celebrate and share all that’s good about the profession we love, with party packs and even a special Spotify playlist available from the RCN. Your party can take place anywhere, from the canteen to the car park, but it must be safe, visible and accessible to all – and you must have permission!

A brief history of nursing

Nursing has changed enormously since Florence Nightingale’s far-sighted reforms during the Crimean War. Determined to transform nursing into a respectable profession for women, she was also among the first to understand the role of factors such as environment and diet in a patient’s recovery. She launched the first training school for nurses at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, in 1860 and wrote hundreds of pamphlets and books, the most well-known of which – Notes on Nursing: What it is and what it is not – is still used today.

In 1916, a few years after Florence’s death, the College of Nursing was founded to raise safety, increase staffing levels and improve patient care – as well as to protect nurses against unscrupulous nursing agencies! The college was given a royal charter in 1928 and became the Royal College of Nursing in 1939.

Modern day nursing

Today, nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling career loved by most in it, yet the pressures of the 21st century have made for difficult reading. NHS hospitals are at bursting point and, despite a major recruitment and retention campaign announced last year, to mark 70 years of the NHS, nurses remain overworked, stressed and at risk of verbal and physical abuse in their roles.

In our 20 years as a nurse-led agency, we have seen droves of nurses leaving the NHS and looking for shift work that fits in with their lifestyle and allows them the flexibility to deal with all life brings. Our agency nurses can book shifts up to eight weeks in advance and choose the nursing or healthcare area in which they want to work, such as critical care, multiple ward areas, theatres and mental health.

If you would like to join Richmond, find out more on our registration page or call us on 01554 756148. And don’t forget to share those Biggest Nursing Party selfies!

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