Richmond Nursing Are Offering Covid-19 Testing

Due to the current situation concerning the COVID 19 virus, Richmond Nursing Agency has established a working relationship with Nationwide Pathology in order to offer testing for the COVID 19 virus.

Richmond has established a ‘drive-through’ testing facility within the Llanelli office grounds for the testing of this virus.

If you have been told to self-isolate or are in any doubt as to whether you might be carrying the COVID 19 virus and wish to confirm either a +ve or -ve result, please contact us for further information.

Unfortunately, due to the high demand with other large corporate companies, we are only able to offer minimal testing at a charge of £200 per test/person. (This cost includes a nominal administration fee to Richmond – the majority of the fee is directly passed to Nationwide Pathology).

We understand that there is a significant degree of uncertainty and anxiety amongst some individuals with regards to whether they are infected with COVID 19 or not. As such, we wanted to be able to provide this service to those who wanted to confirm this either way. We realise that the cost of this test might be prohibitive to some, but we have been unable to find any other cheaper alternative.

Nationwide Pathology are currently stating (18/3/2020) that they are able to have the results back within 5 days or sooner. The results will be emailed securely to the candidate and all testing will be carried out in the strictest of confidence.

Please contact Alison Gammon on 01554 756148 for further information, or, visit our payments page to order a test.

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