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Visa Cruise Tests/COVID Testing

If you are looking for COVID testing or blood tests in order to work or travel on board cruise ships/Fit 2 Fly, for travelling to certain parts of the world or in order to meet specific Visa requirements, we can help.

There are numerous blood tests commonly used in tourism and the travel industry. These include tests pre-travel as well as on returning from abroad.

Some of the most commonly COVID testing we conduct is:

  • Fit 2 Fly (UKAS accredited)
  • Lateral Flow COVID testing
  • Arrivals Testing
  • Antibody Testing

Some of the most commonly requested blood tests for travel and visa requirements include:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Full blood count
  • Liver function
  • Lipids
  • Haemoglobin

Of course, some countries will require specific blood tests in order to make sure that the visitors are healthy and have no underlying conditions. If you cannot find the specific test that you are looking for please get in touch.

Visa Cruise Tests/COVID Testing Available

Bahrain VisaBAH1-2 Days£102.00
Brazilian VisaBRZ1-2 Days£88.00
Carnival CruiseYS31-2 Days£90.00
Cayman IslandsCAY1-2 Days£46.00
China VisaCHV1-2 Days£101.00
Costa CruiseYS291-2 Days£120.00
Crystal CruisesYS281-2 Days£120.00
Disney LineYS301-2 Days£66.00
Grand Circle CruiseGCC1-2 Days£110.00
Iraq Visa 3IRV21-2 Days£123.00
Iraq Visa Profile 1IRAQ2 Days£160.00
Iraq Visa Profile 2IRV1-2 Days£145.00
Kuwait VisaKUW1-2 Days£146.00
Malaysian VisaMALA1-2 Days£130.00
MSC CruisesMSC2 Days£250.00
MSC Cruises BiennialMSC11-2 Days£134.00
New Zealand VisaNZV1-2 Days£120.00
Norwegian Cruise Line/Regent/OceanaYS151-2 Days£120.00
Norwegian Cruise LinesNCL1-2 Days£192.00
PEME CruisePEME1-2 Days£135.00
Regent Cruise (Female)REGF1-2 Days£123.00
Regent Cruise (Male)REGF1-2 Days£106.00
SA CruiseSAC1-2 Days£92.00
Sea Chief CruisesYS511-2 Days£43.00
Silverseas CruiseSILV1-2 Days£65.00
South African VisaSAV1-2 Days£120.00
South KoreaSK1-2 Days£105.00
Spanish VisaSPA1-2 Days£120.00
Star CruisesSTAR1-2 Days£66.00
Viking CruiseVIK1-2 Days£58.00

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